• Automatic Dampening Unit
  • Acrylic Tube
  • Pipe & Pipe Accessories
  • bearings
  • Belt Jointing Accessories
  • Driving Elements
  • Elevator Bucket
  • Hopper Magnet
  • Bucket Elevator Belt

Our Company Profile

Brindavan Udyog (India) is a company which came into existence during the late 1970s with a vision to revive the dilapidated grain milling industry. This period saw the heap of crops being perished without adequate processing facilities. It was at this time Mr Bithal Nath Gupta and Mr Dwarika Prasad Gupta came forward with an innovative idea to import milling machinery and its accessories from Western countries and provide it to Indian mills. It was one of the milestones of India’s Milling Industry and ever since then Brindavan Udyog (India) is one of the key names associated with the Milling Industry in India.

Economic liberalization in the early 90s helped us in developing milling products in India. 

Brindavan Udyog (India) has worked to continue its commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction. Experience of over the decades has proven that if you want the best results, you must put the best into what you are doing. 

At Brindavan Udyog (India), through personal professionalism, we deliver the best value products to improve the quality of life of your machines. We work with exceptional people to create satisfying relationships through respect, trust and responsibility. We strengthen these relationships through continuous improvement and a commitment to excellence.

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