Intensive dampener

Intensive dampener used for mixing water in wheat, wheat kernels, flour and bran at desired rate. Easy maintenance, quick installation, affordable price, low energy consumption & SS construction with adjustable moisture rate and automatic flow control.

Product Details

    An Intensive Dampener is a machine that has a wide range of applications. It is used in the grain processing plants to moisturize the grain at a wanted rate. The intensive dampener is used in wheat milling, It is employed for the dampening of grain, mixing flours or for moisture addition in flours and brans. 

    The grain flow incoming the casing signals the water flow sensor; the water is squirted into the grain and mixing begins. The blades transport the grain mixed with water to the drain outlet. The intensive dampener is skilled in adding up to 5%  water to cleaned wheat with even spreading moisture. The tall material rotating by superior rotor outcome in optimal intermixing with the atomized liquid, thus ensuring efficient moisture addition in flour and bran. This avoids grain breakage, minimizes the wear of rotor and avoids unbalancing. The water distribution to the kernel is fast and uniform with thorough diffusion and absorption.


    • High moistening ratio.Low energy consumption.
    • Durability and long lifetime.
    • Minimum and easy maintenance.
    • Easy and quick installation.
    • Low investment, maintenance, and operational cost.

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