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    Belt Conveyor systems are the most adaptable and simplest material handling systems. Belt conveyor is a part of a Conveyor system which has majorly helped to grow the industrial sector punctually. It is broadly used for the purpose of material hold projects from one point to another. The process of transmission resources has become easy and quick because of this effectual mechanical device. The belt conveyors can also passage heavy materials effortlessly. It is used to transport materials like grain, sand, coal, ore, salt, etc. Now, the different type of belt conveyors is available which are made using PVC or rubber. The belt conveyors in India have become mutual today and also work productively. It consists of one or more pulleys. These pulleys are worked which moves the materials forward on the belt. It is controlled by gravity and can even convey sluggish materials handily.

    Belt conveyor uses-

    • It can easily convey a large volume of materials in no time.
    • Utilized in food processing industries, airports, and various transporting industries.
    • Increases the level of productivity rapidly.
    • It can conveyance the materials both vertically as well as horizontally.
    • It also helps to stack the transported materials at the end of the production line.
    • It saves the product from getting damaged and also prevent injuries.
    • It consumes less power and is durable in nature.

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