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    Bucket Elevators vertically convey bulk materials. They are measured like to conveyor belts, with the greatest variance being that bucket elevators move material using buckets attached to a spinning belt or chain. The buckets work to pick up material, move it to the wanted endpoint, release material, and finally return to the starting point to pick up a new load.

    Bucket elevator formations are engineered based on the application, material, required horsepower, and elevator height. Configuration choices include centrifugal bucket elevators and continuous bucket elevators, with both models including belt and chain options.


    A centrifugal bucket elevator employs centrifugal force to throw out of the buckets as they travel over the head pulley or sprocket. This type of bucket elevator runs at a higher speed and spaces buckets further apart versus continuous bucket elevators. The outcome of the high speed and bucket spacing is enhanced material fill and reduced interference between buckets.


    Continuous bucket elevators activate at a low speed with closely spaced buckets related to centrifugal bucket elevators. This action authorizations material flow over the backside of the preceding bucket. Additionally, lengthy sides on the buckets slightly guide material into the discharge spout. These alterations create a perfect environment for fragile, abrasive, and sluggish materials.

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