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    The destoner combines two distinct functions within a single machine. It concentrates impurities and also removes stones, glass metal parts and other heavy impurities from the grain stream. Normally two separate machines carry out the same functions. The gravity selector uses less air than any comparable system and thus consumes less energy and requires less filtration equipment. It also allows upgrading the capacity of existing cleaning plants. The upper deck is used to stratify the incoming grain stream thereby concentrating the impurities, whilst the lower deck is used to remove stones from the denser clean grains which have been separated from the lighter contaminated stream.

    Sieve Screens
    The destoner incorporates two layers of sieve screens whose mesh size can be selected to suit the process requirements. They can be quickly removed from the machine for cleaning. The upper sieve is composed of three separate segments, the lower single unit.

    Inlet Hopper
    Wheat is fed into the machine through the inlet and is spread and regulated by an adjustable baffle plate and splitter valve in the retarding box. This has transparent inspection windows to monitor intake.

    The totally enclosed oscillating body of the machine is supported by the spring system housed in the base from at  the lower end and adjustable support rod at the upper end. The throw of the machine is measured by a vibration scale plate situated on the body. There are no points requiring lubrication.

    Drive & Outlets
    The outlet at the drive end of the machine directs the clean dense grains and the light fraction with impurities to separate destination. The small outlets at the rear end are for stones.

    On entering the machine the grain stream is evenly spread before passing over the top screen deck where it is stratified by the oscillating action combined with the  upward current of air.The denser grain along with any stone progressively drop through the top screen into the lower stoning deck which is able to carry out a thorough searching action to ensure removal of any stones or other dense impurities which may be present.

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