gravity selector cum destoner

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    Gravity selector cum destoner is used to separating stones in the wheat by courtesy of density difference, vibration, and negative pressure as well as a classifier if required. By means of suction in the machine, the grain is suspended and moved on the sieving frame. Heavy particles such as stone, glass, etc escalated to the upper part of the sieving frame of the machine.

    In order to regulate the inclination of the housing of the machine, there is an inclination adjustment group at the rear of the machine. The presentation of the sieving frames can be a single deck or double deck according to the capacity. Cleaning and maintenance of the sieving frame sare easy and practical. It is possible to do fine-tuning on force air by means of an air adjustment clamping. Stock flow and the stone separation can be followed easily from the wide Plexiglass inspection windows on the machine. 

    Features of Gravity selector cum destoner

    • Excellent performance
    • Easy to operate
    • Longer service life
    • Optimum functionality


    Machine Details

    in m

    in mm
    in mm
    in mm
    in mm
    Gravity selector 1000 120 400 1330 980 1820
    Gravity selector 1200 140 500 1590 1480 1980



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