gyro sifter machine

Gyro sifter machine available in various size, capacity & material. Gyro sifter used to clean the various types of grain.

Product Details

    What is the Gyro Sifter Machine?

    Gyro Sifter Machine is the machine used during the mechanical screening process, basically used to separate one material from another. Subjected to the applications gyro sifter machine is designed as per the industry. It handles all the screening problems such as sieving, grading, extrication, screening or scalping bulk materials.  

    How does it work?

    Gyro sifter machine is widely used to handle all screening problems such as sieving, grading, separating or scalping bulk materials. Gyro Sifter Machine uses gyratory motion generated by vibratory motors. It is expressly designed to regulate easily; it allows complete material control to optimize separation quality.

     Model  Diameter in mm  Diameter in inch
     BUI-GS-600  600  24"
     BUI-GS-1000  1000  40"
     BUI-GS-1200  1200  48"
     BUI-GS-1500  1500  60"
     BUI-GS-1800  1800  72"


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