horizontal scourer

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    Operating Instruction
    The basic elements of the machine are a horizontally supported rotor with exchangeable beater rails on which a great number of small beater elements is welded. The rotor is surrounded by a two-part sieve-jacket. The housing is supported by two stands provided with a door on both sides. Through from the sieve-jacket are collected in hoppers. 

    Single scourer with M.S beater and M.S jacket. 

    Working Principle
    The grain flowing is seized by the beater elements and scoured at the beater and the jacket. Due to the inter spaces between the beater elements, the flow of the wheat is retarded and then again seized by the following beater with this system, a friction between the wheat  is achieved which is of major importance:

    Triple Frictional Effects is Obtained as Follows:
    Between wheat and beater.

    Between wheat and jacket.

    Between wheat and wheat.

    The sieve-jacket throughs are separately carried off and the grain is tangentially discharged at the outlet. It is possible to deliver directly to an aspiration channel.

    Application for Wheat
    * As a scourer in the first cleaning process.
    * As a scourer in the second cleaning process.
    * As a silo scourer for preliminary cleaning with high capacities.
    * For the removal of loose impurities (Dust, sand, small seed etc.) & of impurities (dust, sand, hulls, etc) sticking to the wheat.
    For the reduction of the microorganisms (bacteria content).
    * For a decrease of insects and their fragments.

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