pneumatic conveying system

Pneumatic conveying system used for transport the powders, granules and other by using the air flow. Pneumatic conveying also know as pneumatic transporters designed more economical.

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    Pneumatic Conveying System is used for vertical conveying of different grades & sizes of wheat flour in different stages. The actual movement of air within the pipe lines of the pneumatic transport system is provided by a high pressure fan which conveys and elevates the material in the installations. The Pneumatic Conveying System consists of following:-

    1. Feeder
    2. Cyclone
    3. Airlock
    4. Transporting Pipe Line
    5. Pipe Bends
    6. Clamps
    7. Rubber connecting joint
    8. Fastening screws
    9. Inspection glass
    10. High pressure fan

    For smooth & even functioning of pneumatic handling system various technical details must be taken into account. This includes an accurate calculation of all the measurements, the transport designs and also a cautious manufacturing of all the components & machines of pre-pneumatic conveying system.

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