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    The parallel working rolls in a roller mill are mechanically opened and closed by a pneumatic system, which is activated by an electronic control unit. The fresh grain comes into the roller mill through a glass spout and the grinding procedure starts. Capacitive level pointers adjust the amount of grain, which enters the roller mill from its inlet, which pedals the feeding rolls. The grain, which flows frequently through the rolls, suffers processing. The regulating system, which provides a very detailed method of the rolls to each other, can be easily combined with the automation system. The air, which is sucked by means of a pneumatic system via specifically created air channels, provides a regular flow of grain between the rolls. The competence of the roller mill is increased due to such a feature. The ground product is cleared into a hopper, which is placed beneath the roller mill and then conveyed by means of a pneumatic system.


    • High capacity and efficiency
    • Centrifugally cast parallel operating rolls
    • Easy and minimum periodical maintenance
    • Low operation and maintenance cost
    • Minimum consumption of spare parts
    • The cost of operation and conservation is very low.
    • Low energy consumption.
    • Depending upon grain amount, by means of capacitive level pointers, automatically actuated elastic feeding control system.
    • Minimum time consumption during the erection and dismantling of the rolls.
    • No need gears modification since they don’t exist in the new model.
    • Durability and long life.
    • Easy adaptation to automation system.
    • Noiseless and smooth working conditions.
    • Automatic engagement and disengagement of rolls.
    • Double layer isolation prevents condensation.

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