vibro bran finisher

Product Details

    It is used after grinding stage of grains, in separating flour parts mixed with or adhered to the barn and in preventing loss of flour yielding. The Vibro bran finisher machine contains fixed chasing, trunk with vibration and sifter silky stretched convenient to the diagram. Sifter diameter of Vibro bran brush is larger than other bran brushed, the capacity of the machine is more around 60-70%. That vibro bran finisher machine has a shuddering with Vibro motor prevents that flour and brank within the machine that is supporter gathered in the bunker and provides an easy product flowing and decreases the flour and semolina loss to the minimum level. It is generally used in flour and semolina factories in the food sector.


    • Low energy consumption and high output,
    • Durability and long lifetime,
    • The practical and easy cleaning process,
    • Quick and easy screen replacement,
    • Noiseless working condition,
    • Trouble-free operation.
    • Different air connection possibilities per request.

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