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    A bearing block consists of a mounting bracket (pillow block) that houses a bearing and is used in low-torque, light load applications.

    With this configuration, the bearing block is bolted to a foundation, securing it, while the shaft and the inner ring of the bearing are free to rotate. Usually made of gray cast iron, bearing blocks come in two types, split or unsplit. With split bearing blocks, the housing element or cap can be separated from the base.  An unsplit bearing block is made from one solid piece.

    Often, the terms bearing block bearing and plumber block bearing are used synonymously but the two are different devices.  Both are designed to be attached to a surface through mounting holes on the base of the block. They vary in that plumber block bearings do contain an inner bearing and they are also designed for higher loads and more corrosive environments.

    Bearing block bearings, flange bearing units, bearing blocks, and take-up bearings units all consist of a housing with a bearing mounted in it. They are available in a range of materials, mounting configurations, and various bearing features. Each attached unit, counting an attached bearing, acts as a system to position the bearing securely for trustworthy operation. Read more about each type of bearing block using the links below.

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