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    Channel magnets are those permanent magnets that perform their job of removing iron from less contaminated materials like rice, flair, glaze, slip, glass, mineral powder, slurry, chemical, liquid material, food products, etc. The channel magnet is of different types, sizes, and strengths to meet the exact purpose. These magnets are basically used for removing iron particles from material carried in the chute. They also have the best utility for chemical slurry. These magnets have strong poles at their ends which are marked by the arrows.

    The steel shell of the channel magnet significantly increases the force. Channel magnets are manufactured with a plain hole for convenient mounting which is located in the middle of the magnet. Channel magnets do not crack with constant impacting onto a steel surface of the magnet which is another large advantage.

    Features of Channel Magnet:

    • These rectangular base channel magnets have great holding strength onto one large surface.
    • It is set into a plated steel channel with holes, loops or threaded nuts for mounting.

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