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    The chevron conveyor belts are used to convey wet and loose materials in bulk. These belts are fitted with integrally molded cleats which prevent the material from sliding backward. It is designed for excellent side support.

    Chevron conveyor belts with a smooth carrying surface are useful to convey products up to the angle of inclination 22° as an upper limit. When you need a higher need of inclination then chevron conveyor belts are the right belts to fulfill your need. Their advantages are long service life and flexibility due to homogeneous Chevron profiles which are vulcanized together with a base belt.

    If steeper angles of inclination are required, the same is made possible by using Chevron Cleated Belts. The profiles are shaped in such a manner that there is no need for special idlers and these can be run on conventional conveyor systems. The pitch of Chevron is designed so as to ensure a smooth ride over flat return Idlers.


    • Increases working life.
    • Chevron conveyor belts can carry loose materials with 17-18 angles and bagged materials with 30-35 angles.
    • Cleat angle and pitch are designed smoothly.

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