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Plansifter Cotton Pads or Cotton Sieve Cleaners are used for flour mill cleaning application. Best shifting performance depend on quality cotton sieve cleaner. Our plansifter cotton pad is imported and long lasting.

Product Details

    Plansifter Cotton Cleaners or Plansifter Cotton Pads are used in the plan sifter machine between the screen surface and steel mesh. The best choice of sifter cleaner is depending upon shifting performance. These plansifter cotton cleaners are basically used in flour mills, for cleaning purposes. These cotton type cleaners decrease the harm of the sieve and can extend its lifespan.
    The advantage of Plansifter Cotton Cleaners or Plansifter Cotton Pads:
    •    Heat Resistance
    •    Wear Resistance
    •    Good Elasticity
    •    Don’t Damage Mesh Sieve
    •    Widely Used In Grain Milling Industries

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