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Plansifter Cotton Pads or Cotton Sieve Cleaners are used for flour mill cleaning application. Best shifting performance depend on quality cotton sieve cleaner. Our plansifter cotton pad is imported and long lasting.

Product Details

    Benefit of Plansifter Cotton cleaner

    These items are exceptional and its thickness, hardness, and length have outperformed that of same items from remote nations, presently in excess of more than 1,000 flourmills have utilized this item in their plansifter machines.

    Cotton Cleaner Specification

    1) Name: Plansifter Cotton Cleaner

    2) Material 100% Cotton

    3) Thickness: 7.0-8.5mm

    4) Size: 75mm Length and 55mm Width

    5) Rivet: Metal

    6) Packing: AS per Quantity

    Applications of Plansifter Cotton Cleaner

    Flour plants have utilized this item in their high square screening equipment. Our plansifter cotton cleaner or Cotton sieve cleaners are utilized for cleaning applications. The correct decision of sifter cleaner is fundamental for acceptable moving execution. These plansifter cotton pads are essentially utilized in flour mills, for cleaning purposes, length 78mm width 52mm thickness 8mm. The cotton type decreases the harm of the sifter and can drag out its life expectancy. It is introduced between the screen surface and steel work, doing customary development under the screen surface.

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