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    Cotton conveyor belts are mainly in the food and baking industries. Cotton conveyor belts are used in this area is particularly due to their ability to absorb moisture and work well with the pull and release of doughs depending on their oil depth and density. 

    The cotton conveyor belt is seen as the go-to belt standard food production conveyor requirements due to its an array of key features. These key features suit requirements from manufacturers around the form of the belt, having an ‘endless’ seam, long lifespan and high air permeability.

    For baking biscuits and crackers, the cotton conveyor belt is used as the sole solution for key areas within the biscuit production process. The key features of the cotton conveyor belt are it’s the ability to be woven differently depending on the biscuit production requirements. This can complement the molding extraction process and the release process during the key stage of biscuit production whereby the dough pieces are moved from the molding roller to the cooking belt.

    Usually, cotton conveyor belts are deemed to provide moderate strength and are highly absorbing and high in bulk. The belt is plied on multiple occasions, and this increases the bulk of the belting on applications where resistance is key, but strength is not.

    The cotton conveyor belt is normally spun by warp and weft (transverse weaving) cotton fibers. This particular type of weave is referred to within the industry as a ‘plain weave’ which is the standard weave within biscuit manufacturing as it provides the belting with balanced extraction and release features, along with providing a good level of air permeability.

    A cotton conveyor belt is most suitable for shorter distances and lower transmission capacities. It is not a belt made for heavy-duty conveying.

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