drum type magnetic separator

The Drum type magnetic separator used for separate the magnetic particle from grains. Drum type magnetic separator available in various types which are single drum magnetic separator, double drum magnetic separator & multi stage drum separator.

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    Drum type magnetic separator gives an efficient and effective way of extracting metallic particles from dry products in a free-flowing processing system. Product flow is channeled so that it falls onto the top and flows across the surface of the drum. Surface of the drum contains ferrous matter from the product flow by the powerful magnet housed inside. While non-ferrous products fall along with the side of the drum in a normal manner, ferrous metal particles fall on the surface of the drum.

    The magnetic field is reduced due to the rotation of the surface portion of the drum with ferrous material to the opposite of product flow so that the ferrous matter falls from the drum into a collection container.

    The drum type magnetic separator is one of our leading equipment which has been widely used in flour mills. A stationary magnet inside the drum is doing a great job of attracting iron particles from the grain. Features:

    •             Drum type magnetic separator consisting of high surface holding power.

    •             Availability of greatest magnetic pole area.

    •             Drum type magnetic separator very simple to operate.

    •             It is flexible to use for various purpose.

    •             Drum type magnetic separators have steel support bearings.

    •             Availability of a wide range of Drum diameters and widths.

    •             Availability of different magnet configurations suited to individual needs.

    •             Drum type magnetic separator is supplied with fixing blocks and Shaft for adjustment.

    The drum type magnetic separator is the best way of separation of iron particles from granules and powders. It is mostly used in Glass, Ceramic, Chemical, Foundry, Fertilizer, Plastic and Food Industry.

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