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    Dutch Weaves presenting increased mechanical strength for industrial filtration.

    Dutch weave filter mesh provides superior filtration capabilities for a wide range of applications including, pressure, fuel and liquid filters for aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining, and wastewater treatment industries.

    A full range of conversion services is available. These include slitting, shearing, annealing, and stretching. Dutch Weave can also provide information on the filtration performance of the mesh to ensure it meets product requirements.

    The Dutch Weave is produced by the use of coarse mesh (mesh wire, woven wire mesh, wire mesh basket) in the warp and a fine mesh with relatively smaller wire in the fill. Dutch weave results in greater strength with very small openings and is primarily used as a filter cloth.

    Plain Dutch Weave: The plain Dutch weave is very similar to the plain weave, however, the plain Dutch weave contains a much heavier wire than the other type.  This helps make the plain Dutch weave much sturdier and stronger than a plain weave and is more tightly knitted together for a better filtering experience.

    Twill Dutch Weave: The Twilled Dutch Weave is produced by a combination of the features of the Dutch Weave and the Twilled Weave. Fill wires are passing over and under two warp wires forming exact mesh in one direction and a coarse mesh in the other. It is used in applications where the filtering of heavy material is a must.

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