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    Application of Electro-Magnetic Feeder:

    This range of Feeder has been intended as self-discharging majority storage proficient of packing and then settling mechanisms or materials in a manageable, constant torrent into the vibratory feeder. Mainly appropriate for mechanisms or products that jumble or do not feed well from static hoppers, they eradicate disruptions in production that can occur with conservative systems. For such materials discharge into these can be sort before giving in the vibratory feeders.

    Mode of operation for electromagnetic feeder:

    The vibratory energy unit and structure are intended to give an unequal movement of the plane which results in a gradually increasing product rapidity towards the liberation end of the hopper. This gesture averts mass flow and makes an unraveling and retreating out effect on the parts being touched, dropping them to a wieldy quantity. Special low incidence, bounty units are obtainable for products which are most difficult to grip in vibratory feeders.

    Advantages of Electromagnetic feeder:

    • Easy & step-less difference of distribution of material either physically or automatically possible.
    • Distribution in electromagnetic feeders remains usually constant in spite of variations in supply power to the vibratory feeders.
    • The energy of vibrating feeders is tremendously healthy and simple in construction.
    • The electromagnetic drive is dust resistant and is impermeable to moisture.

    Industries using electromagnetic feeder:

    • Abrasives
    • Ceramics
    • Chemical
    • Fasteners
    • Fertilizers
    • Food
    • Foundry
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Plastic
    • Paper & Pulp Transportation

    Features of Electromagnetic feeder:

    • Belt Conveyors
    • Vibrating Screens
    • Weigh Hoppers
    • Ball and Tube Mills
    • Packing Machines
    • Elevators
    • Crushers
    • Mixers
    • Kilns

    Technical Specification for Electromagnetic Feeder


    Feeder Size

    Width x Length

    In MM


    TPH for material weighing

    (100 Lbs/cu.ft.) 1600 Kgs/

    Power Consumption


    In Watts

    BUI 101

    315 x 500



    BUI 202

    400 x 750



    BUI 303

    630 x 780



    BUI 3105

    800 x 1000



    BUI 42055

    1000 x 1250



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