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    What is FELT SEAL?

    Felt seal is a Pressed Wool Fibre Material that is used to join two things or objects together to prevent leakage. Depending upon the compression required to maintain between two joining things. felt seal is manufactured in different density or hardness.

    Wool Felt Seal - Wool felt seal is made from wool fiber. Woolen Felt has long been used for sealing applications because of various favorable properties such as wicking and oil absorption properties and resilience. Wool felt seal is used where economical cost, lubricant absorption, filtration, low friction, and a polishing action is required.

    Features of our Wool Felt Seal:

    • Our wool felt seal has high unbearable resistance.
    • It is durable and resilient.
    • It can filter small particles, and for filtering very small particles it can be dipped into lubricants.
    • Our wool felt seals keeps the particular sealing pressure which is required for cushioning purpose.
    • In comparison to other rubber products our felt seal can work in very low temperatures.
    • Our felt seal for ball and roller bearing use serves dual determination as dust & dirt prevention and retaining lubrication.
    • Our felt seal is ideal for use compared to other offered products.


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