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    Carbon fiber Rods are exceptionally straight and rigid and are an ideal structural material for frames, trusses and for use as reinforcing the material because rods are central building blocks, they find great utility in the building of engineering and high-performance structures and work well in concert with Carbon Fiber Laminate.

    Due to its incredible strength and lightweight, carbon fiber rod is used in a wide range of applications including aerospace and motor racing but perhaps its most common use in amusing sports equipment like kites and radio-controlled models. Our carbon fiber rod is designed to engineering tolerances from pultruded unidirectional carbon fibers which means that all the strength of the rods runs laterally along their length. Our Carbon Fiber Rods are manufactured by a pulling continuous carbon fiber combined with a resin matrix through a heated steel forming die.

    • Carbon Fiber Rods are easy to work.
    • Carbon Fiber Rods have a matte finish surface
    • Carbon Fiber Rods available in a range of diameters.

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