High Temperature High Speed Grease

Product Details

    Key Features:

    • Drop Point 2950C
    • Sub Zero Limit – 700C
    • Superb Resistance to Steam, Spray off, Subzero Liquids
    • Extremely Oxidation Stable
    • Water, Acid, Steam, Fume Resistant
    • Structural Stability at High Temp
    • NLGI Grade 2
    • Superb Resistance to Water Wash Out
    • Packing Available 40ml, 300ml, 800ml, 2Ltr, 5Ltr, 15Ltr
    • Highly Adhesive & Cohesive Structure Bring Performance
    • Highly Structural Stability Range Subzero to High Temperature
    • Suitable for All Application in Food processing, Conveyor, Linear Slides, Large Motors, Boilers, High Speed High Load Applications

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