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    A hair conveyor belt is used as the medium for Transmission of Power to move or drive the machine. It is made of Hair and Nylon in the wrap, selected Cotton Yarn in the weft, woven in Loom and then treated/impregnated with the bitumen-based compound.
    Hair conveyor belt ensures better gripping or biting on the pulley than any other Transmission Belting and as such there is no slippage or loss of power and production. In tropical climate and hot atmosphere, the service, efficiency, and durability of Hair conveyor belt are much better than those of any other medium.
    The Twisted Cords weaved with the Belting prevent it from fraying and bitumen-based compound with which the Belting is impregnated or treated, not only protects the Belt from fungus and other damaging elements but also adds life and strength to the Belt.
    A hair conveyor belt is used in all plants and factories using shaft drive system and also on agricultural fields for pumping water.

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