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    Hammer mill beaters are used inside the hammer mill to crush ingredients up into smaller particles, making it more suitable for uniform mixing and usage in feed. Hammer mill beaters are available in a huge range of configurations, shapes, facings, and materials. Hammer mill beaters are available as single holed or with two holes, with two holes allowing the hammers to be used twice as the wear is done to one end of the hammer, the hammer can be rotated and used a second time. The hole will fit into a rod attached inside the hammer mill and swings to hit the material.

    Hammer mill is widely used as a grinding mill. Hammer mill is carrying the series of hammers hinged on a central shaft and enclosed within a rigid metal case. It is absolute that the appropriate grinding tool is used when it comes to shredding or crushing materials into small pieces. The hammer mill is the most valuable equipment that requires grinding and shredding.

    A hammer mill is an essential machine in the pharmaceutical and food industries. You can use it to crush, shred, grind and reduce material to suitable sizes.

    The hammer mill is simple to operate. The machine is made up of a steel drum that contains a rotating shaft inside. The shaft can be either vertical or horizontal depending on the alignment of the machine. Hammers of hammer mill are attached to the shaft so that they can swing when it rotates. The wide pieces of material are fed into the drum when they collide with the rotating hammers. Small pieces of the material will be ejected from the drum through different screens with different sizes. The output will

    Pharmaceutical uses of Hammer Mill:

    • It is used in pharmaceutical industries to process wet or dry granulations and disperse powder mixtures.
    • It is used in milling pharmaceutical raw materials such as herbal medicine and sugar.
    • It is used in powdering of barks, leaves, and roots of medicinal plants.
    • It is applied in the milling of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), excipients, etc.

    Advantages of Hammer Mill:

    • It is doing their work without the closed-circuit crushing system.
    • It is made up of high reduction ratio and high capacity
    • It is capable of grinding different types of materials
    • The Hammer Mill machine is easy to install and operate and its operation is continuous.
    • It occupies less space
    • Hammer mill is easy to maintain and clean. It is less expensive

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