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    When dealing with high pressure, it is a safe bet to use High-Pressure Fans (you will find the term used interchangeably with High-Pressure Centrifugal Blowers). 

    These High-pressure fans are applied for the conveying of intermediate stocks in the milling process and the range of fans found in the milling industry is up to 330 m3/min. A mill pneumatic conveying system can comprise as many as 30 lines or more on a single fan/filter system, depending on pipe sizes and stock quantities.

    The exact combo of air volume and static pressure is an important consideration when purchasing a high-pressure fan. However, there is only a difference between the models – the wheel design
    High-pressure fans providing the latest technologies with high quality. When optimum efficiency and effective low energy consumption are required, High-pressure fans are your best choice.

    Our high-pressure fans are compact and robust. They are equipped with a lightweight aluminum impeller to achieve a short lead time. Of course, the impeller can also be made from weathering steel, stainless steel, or any other steel you like.
    These fans are employed for process air required for Combustion blowing or conveying duties. 

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