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    Hygienic conveyor belt and components are the critical foundation for food safety risk management during the production process.
    We are a highly believed group engaged in the manufacturing and export of hygienic conveyor belts and food conveyor belts. 
    These hygienic conveyor belts do not tint the materials to be conveyed and widely used in the food industries for the appropriate handling of foodstuffs. Our range of hygienic conveyor belts is strictly quality checked to ensure that they are free from any kind of defect.

    Features of hygienic conveyor belt :
    •    Anti-static finish for falling the build-up of dust & dirt
    •    Optimum elongation
    •    Sealed, homogeneous and non-porous surface
    •    Reverse side coating, impregnation of reverse side cloths and edge sealing for ensuring a completely sealed & hygienic conveyor belt


    Cover grade characteristics and applications


    Physical Properties



    Hygienic Belting





    Before Ageing



    After Ageing


    Tensile strength MPA

    Elongation %

    Temperature of ageing *C

    Duration of ageing hrs


    Change in elongation %

    Max abrasion loss MM3


    This cover grade is specially designed with non-toxic rubber compounds for use in the food processing pharmaceutical industry

    IS 1891 Part-IV







    Not specified




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