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    How Magnetic Coolant Separator works:

    In magnetic coolant separator, the fluid with iron particles falls to the shaft of the separator from the machine equipment such as grinders, milling machines, automates etc. The dust with iron particles come into contact with magnetic drum and extracts all the impurities.

    The magnetic drum will be clean all the time by a scraper blade along the circumference and the rubber roller squeezes the sludge gathered to ensure that no coolant should be wasted.


     It is appropriate for Cylindrical, Centerless, surface & Internal Grinding Machines, Thread Grinders, etc., additionally it is used as a pre-filter with different forms of coolant filters like Paper band or Hydro cyclone filters.

    Construction & Working Principle:

    Filter of magnet consists of powerful magnetic drum with double reduction worm geared motor. The contaminated coolant from the machine is passed through the gap between the drum and the body. The dust particles are moving towards the drum and a rubber roller squeezes the sward which is scrapped off by a scrapper plate. The clean coolant is collected in the coolant tank for re-circulation to the machine. Handling heavy quantity is possible with customized Magnetic Coolant Separator.

    Advantages of Magnetic coolant separator:

    • Removes unwanted particles from coolants.
    • Improves surface area finish on components.
    • Increases coolant life.
    • Frequent cleaning of coolant tank will be avoided.
    • Can be used as a pre-filter for all the filtration systems.

    Features of Coolant Magnetic Separators:

    1. Operation is automatic. You can remove all the unwanted particles easily.

    2. Can be applied on new or existing machines and have Stainless steel housing.

    3. It has self-adjusting scraper blade.

    4. Easy to install and operate at any time

    5. Availability of neoprene rubber roller with covered bearings.

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