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    Magnetic De stoner is particularly equipped for eliminating ironstones, mud balls & other iron impurities from rice, wheat, dal, Chana, soya, and many other commodities, where can be used our Magnetic De stoner.

    We Brindavan Udyog are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of magnetic de-stoner across the globe. Our manufactured magnetic de-stoner is specially designed for removing mud balls and other iron impurities which can be found in wheat, dal, and other pulses where high-intensity magnetic de-stoner are hugely used. It is having good performance for removing mud balls for gaining 100% accuracy after passing the material on Magnetic De stoner.


    1. Available in roll sizes ranging from 450 mm to 1500 mm.
    2. Strength: 10000 Gauss (+/- 10% on roll)
    3. Drive: ½ HP & 1 HP, 3 Phase, 440V, 1440 RPM, 50 HZ
    4. Belt: PTFE Coated abrasion resistance belt
    5. Control panel for Variable Speed Drive
    6. Body: Totally enclosed by sheets


    1. Separates Mud Balls and Magnetic Stones from Wheat, Rice and other Grains.
    2. Separates Black Stones from SUJI.
    3. Protects color sorter camera from scratches
    4. Increase the life of polishing stones
    5. Increase the life of rubber rolls
    6. Reduces ash content in Atta, Maida, Suji, Rava.
    7. Low power consumption.

    Roller Dimension:

    100 x 450 mm, 100 x 600 mm, 100 x 750 mm, 100 x 1000 mm, 100 x 1500 mm, 150 x 750 mm, 150 x 1000 mm, 150 x 1200 mm, 150 x 1500 mm, 150 x 1650 mm

    In Magnetic Destoner, a small conveyor belt covers the magnetic roll and a tensioning perfect roll. An appropriate feeder statement materials on the belt.

    Magnetic Destoner is used for Cleaning and Processing for various types of Grains:

    • Rice Cleaning
    • Wheat Cleaning
    • Corn Cleaning
    • Pulses Cleaning Spices
    • Cleaning Seed Cleaning
    • Semolina Cleaning
    • Chilli Flakes
    • Sesame Cleaning
    • Cumin Cleaning
    • Fennel Seed Cleaning

    Magnetic Destoner is also used for various applications below:

    • After Gravity Separations
    • At the discharge of Bucket Elevators
    • At the first break in Flour Mill
    • It is installed in Buhler Flour Mill
    • For cleaning line
    • Discharge of all cleaning machines
    • In auto cleaning machines

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