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We provide best quality of digital grain moisture meter or tester for all types of grains such as Pulses, Oil seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Paddy, Wheat, Maize and Barley.

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    A moisture meter is an essential instrument that is used in many industries to find the amount of moisture in materials. Indicator scales on moisture meters are of different types in appearance, but they all will indicate the moisture content in percent (%MC). Most moisture meters are determined to wood, which provides an accurate reading in wood moisture content. This is a comparative scale.

    It is obvious that we can find moisture in any kind of material. Even dry materials also have some amount of moisture. The problem of imbalance of the amount of moisture always affects the growth of bacteria and undesired molds. We should have the knowledge of accurate amount of moisture content to avoid the moisture imbalance and to get the reliable result, we can use a moisture meter.

    Advantages and uses of moisture meter :

    • During the harvesting period of grains, the moisture content of grains matters and then we can check the moisture content only by a moisture meter
    • grains are always affected by the challenging weather conditions. Therefore, harvesting the grains and seeds at the right and accurate amount of moisture will positively affect.
    • It is valuable for all kinds of crops such as barley, coffee, corn, oats, pasta, rough rice, rye, sorghum, soybeans, and wheat.
    • The best way to check the percentage of moisture of grains and seeds is by using a portable moisture meter.
    • Grains withholding the right amount of moisture will reduce the risk of mold and bacteria. Grain and seeds at the right moisture content, subsequently, will protect you from undesirable losses and so, in the end, will positively affect your profits.

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