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    The nylon rod consists of has an efficient temperature, chemical, and impact properties. Parts machined or invented from nylon are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Low friction, good scrape resistance and the ability to operate without lubrication, qualify the nylons for such applications. In addition, nylon's excellent weight-bearing ability, wear resistance and impact resistance make it ideal for demanding construction environments.

    Nylon rod which has not been compounded with UV stabilizers are sensitive to infrared light. These compounds should not be used for stretched outdoor service. Carbon black (our black Nylon) is the most effective of the UV stabilizers. These additives also increase tensile strength and hardness and decrease ductility and toughness slightly.

    We can offer Extruded & Cast Nylon Rods, Sheets, Tubing, and Bushes & Machined Nylon Parts. Rod, Bushes Sheets and Parts from Polyurethane. Paper base and fabric base Fiber Sheets Gear from Fiber Sheet. Also Pu. Foam Quality and other Items on request.

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