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    We can’t use general-purpose belts to convey materials containing oils, greases, vegetables & animal fats, etc. Because the covers of general-purpose belts get swollen when it used to convey these materials.

    To get rid of this issue, We can convey such material with a special belt, Oil resistant belt. Oil resistant belt made from specialized rubbers. This belt is absolutely best to convey a variety of oil-coated/oily materials for assorted applications.

    Features and benefits of Oil Resistant Belt:

    • Durability and long-lasting performance
    • Easy in handling heavy loads
    • We design to convey oily materials, thereby resulting in higher belt life
    • Unique properties to prevent material build-up
    • Availability of various grades to suit end-use requirements


    Characteristics and Applications

    Physical Properties





    Before Ageing



    After Ageing


    Tensile strength MPA

    Elongation %

    Temperature of ageing *C

    Duration of ageing hrs


    Change in elongation %

    Max abrasion loss MM3


    Composed of Synthetic rubber compounds, this grade is resistant to mineral, vegetable, animal oils and fats

    IS 1891 Part - I







    Not specified


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