oil seal

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    Oil seal is the most frequently used type of oil seal for rotation applications. Typically, it is used distinctly when the closing target is placed on one side.

    Features of Oil Seal:

    • An oil seal seals off lubricant outflows in bearings. By averting the penetration of dust and water and other outside objects, the seal helps protect the bearings.
    • Bearing part exactness is maintained and a fall in lubricating oil usage provides important welfares in terms of bearing corrosion repair costs, offsetting seal equipment costs.
    • Vital for driving shafts for the purpose of sealing in fluids and gases, in adding to lubricant oil.

    The seals are used in thousands of applications, such as:

    • Automotive
    • Manufacturing
    • Off-highway
    • Oil refineries
    • Power transmission

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