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Bullet Magnets used for separation of ferrous metal such as iron and steel from grain. The bullet magnet system install near vertical pipelines.

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    Bullet magnets or online magnet can be used to sieve undesired ferrous particles – such as iron and steel – out of granulates, fibers and coarser materials in high capacity free-fall lines. They are used in wholesale, animal feed, plastics, tiles and recycling industries, among others. 

    Bullet Magnetism is simple in its construction but very effective in working. The construction is made of Stainless Steel as they are safe for being used in the food industry, during a sale the change in construction can also be incorporated.

    The sizes accessible with the Bullet Magnet are typical as they would fit exactly into any existing standard setup. As an experienced manufacturer, supplier and exporter we understand the requirements of our clients and we go the extra mile and customize the product.

    Brindavan Udyog has a very good reputation for delivering the products on time, so there would be no delay in installing and starting production. Keep is very slight and this gives an upper hand for Bullet Magnet when related to other separation methods. To summarize the features let’s put them down.

    • Made with quality Stainless Steel for resistance from corrosion.
    • Bullet Magnet works effortlessly with feeds of normal temperature, however, if higher temperatures are to be touched they can be adapted.
    • The simple installation of the Bullet Magnet makes it easy to start work without losing out on time.
    • The Bullet Magnet has astonishing field intensity that it traps fine ferrous substance as well.
    • Bullet Magnet is available for fixing in horizontal and vertical positions which makes it preferable over other separation equipment.


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