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    Activated by water, gum tape penetrates into the fibers of the cardboard rather than just the surface to become an integral part of the box. This penetration allows gum tape to provide a tamper-evident seal, the tape cannot be removed without leaving behind significant traces of damage. Brown paper gum tape ages better than other standard packing tapes, and boosts resistance to variations in temperature and humidity, making it the ideal choice for exportation. Unlike other glue tapes, paper gum tapes can even be used effectively in dusty environments, high humidity, and deep-freeze conditions.

    Much stronger than standard packing tape, Once applied, it makes a “bond” with your box, making the whole parcel stronger and safer. Superior product protection means fewer damages, cutting down costs associated with replacing broken or lost products. Once removed from a box, it cannot be resealed, making it obvious if someone has tampered with your parcel.

    Tolerance to temperature fluctuations is another great advantage of paper gum tape. This is ideal if you need to ship or store your parcels in humid or freezing conditions. Packages sealed with paper gum tape look neat and professional, positively reflecting on both your product and your brand. They are also easy to print on, which is a great, low-cost opportunity to promote your brand by adding a logo or personalized message to your shipments.


    • Paper gum tape is 100% recyclable
    • paper gum tape is suitable for sealing cartons
    • Paper gum tape is an excellent tamper evident solution

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