plansifter sleeves

We provide best quality of plansifter sleeves available in different material, multiple ring with elastic and without elastic. We have also imported type of plansifter sleeves.

Product Details

    Plansifter sleeves act as a flexible coupling between the sifters and, the inlet and outlet connection of plansifters and purifiers. Our specially designed plansifter sleeves ensure a comfortable fit on the spouts with the help of an elastic band. Plansifter sleeves are also manufactured without an elastic band that can be fitted with the help of clamping rings or cable binders.
    •    High air permeability
    •    Long-lasting
    •    Resistance from fungus and bacteria
    •    Can be tailor-made as per individual requirement

    Diameter in mm     Length     Number of rings

    80 mm x 100 mm x 0
    80 mm x 150 mm x 0

    120 mm x 110 mm x 0
    120 mm x 150 mm x 1
    120 mm x 260 mm x 2
    120 mm x 290 mm x 2

    150 mm x 290 mm x 2
    210 mm x 310 mm x 2
    240 mm x 280 mm x 2
    300 mm x 310 mm x 2

    Other dimensions can be manufactured to order

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