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    Plate magnetic separator is necessary industrial iron separators that are used for the extraction of ferrous particles from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material.
    How does it Work?
    Low strength Plate Magnetic separator offers cost-effective choices for applications with lower product flow rate, lower conveyor speeds, or thinner burden depths. High Strength plate magnetic separators with Strontium Ferrite Magnets/Rare Earth magnets can attract metal particles from thin layers of product conveyed on flat belts 
    For Iron Removal, Magnetic Plates are fixed above the material flow attracting the iron particles. The intense field holds tramp iron firmly to the magnet surface until removed during the cleaning process. 
    •    Efficient cost-saving recovery of waste iron particles in free-flowing materials
    •    Plate magnets can be attached both, above and below the product flow
    •    Plate magnetic separators capture maximum common ferrous particles
    •    Durable stainless steel construction
    •    For easy cleaning, hanging plates can be swung out
    •    The Plate Magnets can be cleaned easily also
    •    Simple to install and have no maintenance
    •    Lightweight and user-friendly

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