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    The polyester conveyor belt is used as a durable and low-cost option for general carriage, with specific uses in a parcel, package, and baggage applications. Polyester is used in the length (warp), width (fill), or in both directions of the weave as an inexpensive body for multiple-ply conveyor belt. 

    This type of conveyor belt uses polyester work as a body and possesses high tensile strength, outstanding dimensional stability, low elongation, and high impact resistance. It also provides complete protection against mildew and water.

    Characteristics & Properties

    • High Strength
    • Low Elasticity – Stretch and Shrink
    • Moderately Absorbing
    • Moderate Elongation
    • Moderate Cut and Abrasion Resistance
    • Low-Temperature Resistance
    • High Mildew Resistance

    Since we have established our value in this widely competitive industry, we are engaged in the dealing of Polyester Conveyor Belts. These Polyester conveyor belts are precisely suitable for heavy-load, medium and long-distance transportation of materials. Designed with top-of-the-line polyester with up-to-date processing designing’s, these types of conveyor belts can select a relative low safety factor due to its great initial modulus of polyester.


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