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    What is a rotameter?

    A rotameter is a flow meter that measures the volume or flow of liquids and gases.  The method for measuring flow is accomplished by a freely moving float finding equilibrium in a tapered tube. The flow rate is read by the scale next to the tube or a scale on the tube.

    • External power doesn’t require – Rotameters are mechanical devices which means, they do not require power to measure the flow of liquid. This may give permission to rotameters to be installed in remote areas where it would be expensive to supply power.
    • Effective in cost of Rotameters Rotameters can be installed with other flow measurement technologies and be used to complement each other at an economical price.
    • Easy to install and maintain – Rotameters are quickly installed by connecting the process line to the inlet and the outlet of the rotameter. Rotameter should be vertical.

    Advantages of rotameter:

    • The cost of the rotameter is low.
    • It is available in linear scale.
    • It has brilliant accuracy for low and medium flow rates.
    • To manufacture Rotameters, we need low-cost investment.
    • With a properly maintained rotameter, the operator can expect sustained high repeatability.
    • The rotameter's scale is linear because the measure of flow rate is based on area variation.  This means that the flow rate can be read with the same degree of reliability throughout the full range.
    • Pressure loss due to the rotameter is minimal and relatively constant because the area through the tapered tube increases with flow rate.  This results in reduced pumping costs.

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