rotary magnet

Rotary Magnets are used to remove the iron particle from different types of material & Industries. Such as chemical, sugar mill, glass, cement plant, plastic, minerals & others.

Product Details

    The Rotary Magnet is an inline magnetic separator which is used in the vertical process for the extraction of ferrous and unwanted paramagnetic particles from dry product. It is designed in a manner to bridge those products that are susceptible such as milk powder or starch.

    The grid mounted in the center of the rotary magnet gently rotates and extracting fine ferrous particles and prevents the product from bridging and clogging.
    After stopping the product flow, the access door can be opened and the rotary grid is removed from the housing.

     Rotary Magnet  6"  10000

    Features of Rotary Magnet:

    • Easy process of installation
    • Very easy to clean
    • Designed in a hygienic manner
    • Polished internal finishing


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