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    Rough Top belt solutions offered comprise two as well as three-ply building choices that also feature cut edges as well as carcass of NN/EP fabric which comes with a surface texture that aids in struggling the propensity for material to roll back down the conveyor while at transportation stage. 

    Features of rough top belt:

    Some of the standard features of these belts include:

    • Available with lowest cover/bareback for use in slider bed applications
    • Reliant upon transported materials, these can handle transportation at an inclination angle of 25 ~ 30
    • Bareback rough top belt allows less option of friction thus making these suitable for running over the table as well as flat panel
    • Superior finish design of mesh-like pattern on top surface cover that aids in generating relief effect while absorbing any vibrations as well as impact that is exerted on materials which are conveyed
    • Also simultaneously helps in preventing material from slipping


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