screen cleaning rubber balls

Balls for effective screening without intrusions and remarkable wear resistance, dynamic cleaning and smooth flow of material.

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    Screen Cleaning Rubber Balls for Sifting

    • Continuous cleaning of sieves without interruptions.
    • Great variety of rubber compounds to fit your needs
    • Custom sizes on demand
    • High quality and long lifespan

    Some Specification About Screening Balls

    Clear Polyurethane
    Best wear resistance, oil and grease resistant, active bouncing effect >70% compared to some rubber qualities, the wear resistance is up to 10 times better.

    Natural Rubber
    Excellent abrasion resistance, most used for dry material sifting, very good rebound.

    Neoprene Rubber
    Oil and grease resistant, temp to 80℃

    EPDM Rubber
    Resistant to oxygenated solvents and acids, weather resistant. Temp. up to 120℃

    Silicone Rubber
    Most used for wet material processing. Resists to -50℃ up to 220℃

    Available Qualities
    Natural Rubber (NR) | Neoprene (CR) | Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) | Nitrile Buna Rubber (NBR) | Silicone Rubber (VMQ) | Polyurethane Rubber (PU) | Hypalon (CSM) | Fluor Viton (FPM) | Styrene Buthadiene Rubber (SBR)

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