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    The self-cleaning magnet secures the processing equipment from damaging ferrous metal separation and also it will help to monitor the transparent drawer face. The slide gate cuts the product flow and is provided as a classic feature. A simple clean design is available.

    the self-cleaning magnet helps to remove tiny particles of the ferrous metal from flowing Powder. This is also a very cost-effective way to prevent damage to metals and to remove the light concentration of unwanted chemicals.

    It is manufactured in stainless steel, the self-cleaning magnet protects plastic extruders and molding machine against iron contamination like nails, iron bolts, etc. The self-cleaning magnets are designed in various kinds of shapes.

    How does it work?

    When the materials fall through the magnetic tubes in powder form then all the metal particles and granules are trapped by a very strong magnetic field and collects them on the surface of grids.

    We are thankful for the neo magnets, here the magnetic unwanted particles captured in the tubes are not carried away by the stream of the continually poured material.

    Cleaning is going to be very easy with the telescopic tubes. The magnetic cores are manually withdrawn from the stainless tubes and the metallic particles fall off the stainless tubes in the duration of cleaning. Our self-cleaning magnet is very inexpensive to acquire and operate and also very easy to install and carry from one place to another. self-cleaning magnets carry high density permanent magnetic tubes. The tubes are automatically arranged to draw iron particles into the magnetic field and hold them as material flows through the grate.

    There is the availability of highly magnetic efficiency in the tubes of the magnets. Product flow is channeled across the strongest magnetic area through deflectors.


    • Easy and safe to use.
    • Availability of powerful rare earth magnets which is capable of attracting the smallest possible contamination.
    • The strength of the magnets remains intact.
    •  It can be cleaned easily.
    • Availability of different shapes, strengths, and configurations


    • The size of the self-cleaning magnet should be equal to the size of the magnet as far as possible.
    • With respect to self-cleaning feed opening outlet size, the size of the self-cleaning magnet should be bigger by three to four times.
    • For effective clearance, the magnet should rest on the inside taper of the feed self-cleaning 
    • The model should be selected on the basis of the applications

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