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    What is a sequential timer?

    A sequential timer also referred to as a sequencer or sequence timer, will energize and de-energize multiple outputs over a period of time. The time before each output is energized and valuable and the time after the output remains energized is variable. The outputs may be energized one at a time in order.

    Sequential Timer is necessary for the effective cleaning of Filter Bags. This timer is also known as a sequencer or sequential led controller that helps energize and de-energize the multiple outputs at a time. Customers can utilize sequential timers, which plays an important role in proper De-dusting in dust collectors. Appropriate De-dusting is a very important task in any dust collection system that guarantees a long life of filters and ultimately results in a high production rate.

    Filter bags must have high filtering efficiency even for the finest dust. The effective use of time-controlled cleaning can result in fewer human resources. Hence, high-efficiency filter bags parts play a very important role here.

    • 10 output sequentially programmable timer
    • Each channel has On-time & Off time individually settable
    • Separate LEDs to indicate the currently active channel
    • Time settable from 0.01 seconds to 99.59Hours
    • Individual timing range for each channel
    • Single-cycle or cyclic operation selectable
    • Provision for skipping of undesired channels
    • Provision for intermediate freezing of operation
    • Saving of time status on power failure
    • On line programming for changing settings during

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